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  • Personalized minutes and Table Protocol

  • Banquet tables with table linens to choose from our selection
    and white-draped seating with candle (non-floral) centerpiece.
    The set-up of the tables will be determined by the number and quantity of guests.

  • Garden decoration with white tulle and details to your liking

  • Reserved and guarded parking spaces inside the establishment

  • Timing of the event :
    Organization of the event so that from the ceremony
    until the open bar flows in an organized and natural way

  • Tasting Menu for :

If the number of guests is 25 to 50:

2 people (Couple)

If the number of guests is 50-100: 4 pax
If the number of guests exceeds 100: 6 pax
The date of the tests will be coordinated between both parties.

  • Possibility to change wines, menus and dishes
    to do it totally to your liking.

Also prepare special dishes for allergy sufferers.


  • The menus, open bar and extras have VAT included

  • Wedding toast with 1 bottle of cava on arrival
    of the bride and groom and for the cutting of the cake

  • The cake included in the menus is the classic one, if you wish
    of fondant can take a supplement depending on the size and shape

  • If you choose individual dessert, we offer you a 1 kilo cut cake.

  • To celebrate your wedding on SATURDAY in the large garden
    from La Viborilla and Niña Bonita have to insure a minimum of 80 people or € 8,000.

The other option would be in Malibu Beach, Friday or Sunday.

Included in the menu


Way to pay

Booking confirmation:
The reservation of date and space implies the signing of a contract
and delivery of (preferably by bank transfer)
for deposit and reservation that will be discounted
of the final invoice amount.

Intermediate payment:
Up to 20% of the total on the day of the menu test at the restaurant.
Guest confirmation:
7 days before the event date the number of tickets will be confirmed.
diners and up to 50% of the amount will be delivered
total of the event.

Final payment:
At the end of the event (that same day) there will be
Full payment (menus plus extras) in visa or cash.

Guide for celebrating your wedding in LB group


Hello Couples! we have tried to make a brief guide to help you as much as possible in the organisation of your wedding, because the better organised everything is, the more we can make sure that everything is perfect!.
This is meant to be a general guide, based on how weddings are usually organised and our experience. Anything you want to do differently is more than welcome, we are as always at your disposal to listen to any suggestions you may have.  Also, many of the things in this guide may not be applicable to your wedding, feel free to skip that part. 


CEREMONY (For those of you who do the ceremony with us)

First you have to choose whether you prefer the ceremony on the beach or on the terrace and the desired decoration. We have blue, red and white carpet* (Supplement of 20€).


For the arrival of the groom to the ceremony there are usually two options, he can arrive first and receive all the guests or he can arrive 5 minutes before the bride and make his entrance with music like the bride.

We do not recommend that the bride arrives more than 15 minutes late, especially if the wedding is on the beach, because the wait becomes very long for the guests and the whole schedule is already too late. In the EXTREME case that the bride arrives more than 40 minutes late there will be a shortening of the cocktail as well as the time over 40 minutes, otherwise we would be serving lunch or dinner very late.

After the ceremony the toast is made. When the ceremony is on the beach, the toast is made when you go upstairs and enter the garden. When you get upstairs you have to wait for me for a second to give time to tell the dj and play the song chosen for the entrance moment. For the garden ceremony this is done right after the ceremony, you just have to remember to walk back down the aisle!
* IMPORTANT NOTICE AT THE CEREMONY: The town hall is very insistent on the issue of litter on the beaches, so we ask you to please only throw rice or natural flower petals on the beach. NO plastic or non-biodegradable materials that could end up in the water may be thrown on the beach.  


* In case of storm or red flag and that it is impossible to do the wedding on the beach, it will be necessary to pass it to the terraces or gardens



The cocktail party starts right after the ceremony. Before you know it, all your guests will have their drinks. We remind you of the drinks included in the cocktail: water, soft drinks, draught beer, red wine with lemon, non-alcoholic beer 0,0, the chosen selection of wines, peach and pineapple juice.

 Many of you ask us when to do the photo session. We advise you to do it during the cocktail and no later than half an hour, because the cocktail is a very fun part of the wedding and it is a shame to miss it all. 


 During the aperitif, the seating plan will be visible so that the guests know which table is theirs. Also in case there are older people who do not want to stand and prefer to be seated from the beginning. If you don't want anyone to be seated from the beginning, let us know and we will put up the seating plan 15 minutes before the end of the cocktail.
During the cocktail and meal there will usually be background music. It is advisable to be quiet and to allow conversation, never to be the protagonist. I will pass you the phone number of our DJ in case you don't have it. It will be with them that you will have to talk about the songs for each moment, style of music, etc.

JUAN - +34 681983812



Presidential table: The presidential table is always one of the most complicated ones, because we are not always sure who we want to seat at that table. With us, you can design the presidential table as you wish. It can be a table of two, composed only by the bride and groom, 4, 6 or as many as you want. It can be an elongated table between the cocktail area and the tables. It can also be a round table, either in the middle of the others or at one end. You can design it completely to your liking.


Table layout: We offer three options:

  • Round: we have tables for 8 guests and 6 tables for 12 guests (maximum 12 no more). In total we can fit 13 round tables in the table area.

  • Elongated: It is a trend that seems to be taking off again. The convenient thing about this mode is that you can design the tables of the number you want without limiting yourself to capacity.

  • Round and elongated mixes: if you find yourself with many difficulties when placing certain large groups, you always have the option of putting two or three large elongated tables and the rest in round ones. Everything as easy as possible for you.

Important note: for those of you who choose a seafood menu or with portions to share, it will be important that you distribute the tables between 8 and 12 people as much as possible, since it is one portion for every 4 people, and thus we make sure that all tables reach the same food.


Doing the seating plan: it is one of the most important headaches of the wedding. I recommend that you use the application that and its guide (

  • Important! You have to bring your seating plan to us in print the week before, with the guest confirmation so that we have time to make it beautiful and print it.

  • We have table numbers, not names. If you decide to name each table, you will have to bring us the corresponding name placard for each table.

  • In case of ordering them by number, they are normally ordered in order of proximity. In other words, table 1 will be the table that you want to have closer and table 8 will be further away.

  • We take care of printing it and putting it at the entrance. We assemble it on a very original painter's easel, but if you want to bring your own or organize a special decoration, you just have to tell us.



The topic of allergies and special menus is also very important today. We fully understand how problematic it is for those who suffer from it and we are happy to make different menus depending on the needs. But we only ask that the week before when we meet you let us know if you have celiacs, vegetarians, or allergic to something and where they will be sitting. In the case of being a cocktail type, please ask them to come to one of us to let us know so that we are aware of what if and what they cannot eat.



As we have already mentioned for sure, but just in case you have doubts, you have two options for dessert:

  • Large wedding cake for all guests of the flavor chosen in the test. We order them covered in white chocolate, which are white and very rich.

  • Individual dessert for each guest. In the test you have a variety of 5 or 6 desserts to choose from. In this option we give you a one kilo cut cake so that you can make the wedding cut (in case you want of course!)

  • The wedding couple of the cake can be put by us, but we do warn you that they are the traditional couple. You always have the option to bring some of your most original!




It is very likely that you have decided to distribute souvenir gifts. We collaborate with an association in Benalmádena called ABAD for disabled children. It would be personalized cards at no cost to you with the donation that you want to make to the association for each guest.

For the moment of distributing the gifts, we recommend that you start when most of the guests have finished the second. This is because if you have many guests, the delivery time is too long and can become enormously boring to the guests if you wait to finish the meal to start.

Also, if you have thought about giving thanks to parents and godparents, grandparents and couples, it should be done while the guests are tasting the cake or dessert.

In order for a wedding to flow normally and not become extremely heavy for the guests, we advise that between the end of the dessert and the beginning of the open bar, no more than 20 minutes pass, which is the time that we continue to serve complimentary drinks.



The whole theme of decoration is usually left decided in the menu test. So tell us all the ideas you have in the test so that we can see how we can help you. If you want to bring your own decoration and details, we will be happy to help you, since we also love that each wedding is unique and special.


What the menu includes is the tablecloths, a decorative floral centerpiece (not natural) or candles to choose from, the menu with the description of the menu with the design chosen from our selection, curtains at the entrance, all decorated with tulle.

At cocktail parties or cocktail parties with stations, the individual minute is replaced by a blackboard at the entrance with all the appetizers. If there are stations, there will be blackboards detailing each station.

  • Regarding the placement of the decoration that you bring, there is no problem in helping you as long as they are easy things or to place on the tables. We always recommend that the day before you bring everything, with a paper list of all the decoration you bring and where everything goes so that nothing escapes us.

  • Without they are more complicated things, or hanging from the awnings, if we ask you to entrust it to someone the placement. And if they can do it in the morning even better, since in the afternoon we do not run the risk of not arriving or arriving overwhelmed.

If you decide that we take care of it, we will be delighted and it will cost € 30 per hour. This way you will not have to worry.

  • If you decide to have floral decoration: We always recommend working with Banyan 24, from Arroyo de la Miel, because so far they are the best that we have found for quality-price and treatment. If you already have them or want to order from your trusted florist, we only ask that you bring the flowers as close to the time of the celebration as possible. Especially if the celebration is dinner, do not bring it before or at noon.



Although all the extras we offer are already detailed in the dossier, I'll explain a little more about some of the ones that usually cause more doubts and questions.

  • Ham cutter: we always insist and force the ham cutter to be our supplier because we like to work with professionals who already have insured how they work and the quality of their work. We also make sure that before the cocktail starts there are already some plates cut, so that there are no queues or waiting for the ham. The price of the cut also includes the corresponding bites and rolls.

The ham is brought by you since there are many types, qualities and prices in hams. Or if you want we take care of the purchase and we give you the invoice without surcharge.

  • Snack: You always have the possibility of adding something for the snack (midday weddings). The options we have are: Mini pizzas, assorted pulguitas; mini burgers or mini dogs, salty and sweet snacks (delicious mmm).

  • Milk chocolate or white chocolate fountain: This can be a dinner replacement for those with a sweet tooth!
    It includes: seasonal fruit, sweets, wafers, among others. It is a fountain of about 50 cm and lasts approximately two hours, depending on the number of guests. It is enough for about 80 people.



Here we ask you a favor so that our tablecloths and decoration remain alive after your wedding:

  • Washable children's colored waxes. If you decide to give children colors or rotus to color and entertain themselves, we ask you to be washable wax, otherwise it will stay on white tablecloths forever.

  • Sparklers: only allowed to be used in the bougainvillea room. In the rest of our facilities they can cause damage to the gardens and tablecloths.



The open bar for hours, as we always tell you, we will notify you 15 minutes before the end of the contracted period so that you can decide what you want to do, if we continue or stop. In the option of bottles the same, once you have finished the number of bottles established as a maximum, you are notified why you decide what to do and have the cost controlled at all times.



  • Just remind you just in case so that it is not a surprise then that in La Viborilla we do not have a tobacco machine, so you will have to bring it in case you smoke.

  • Furthermore, the law does not allow us to give drugs to any client.

  • Another cool detail is to place toilet baskets in the bathrooms with hairpins, plasters, deodorant, scissors, safety pins, gum, etc. for those small emergencies that always happen.



The test is the moment in which absolutely everything concerning the wedding is decided. It is time to bring up all your doubts and leave everything as if you were going to get married the next day! Aha

That day the menu is tasted, and we do not stop giving you appetizers and tastings until you are sure that you love it and that you want it to be your menu.

As I mentioned, all the decoration is also chosen, we establish all the schedules and times of the wedding, and we close an approximate budget of the total of the wedding so that you have a closed idea of ​​the costs as soon as possible.



Many of you ask us about this topic. We have 2 big hotels around, Flatotel and Palladium




Our last and most important advice is that before the wedding you take care of it and explain very well everything you want and how you want it, but that on the wedding day you relax and above all, ENJOY IT! Enjoy the day, because before you have time to breathe, it will be over. And we don't want you to worry about how things are going. That is I pray that you trust us that we guarantee you, IT WILL BE PERFECT!


Thank you very much for getting here and I hope it has been useful, Greetings, Lara Sisters

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