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first Communion

that they deserve

This year your son or daughter makes their First Communion and celebrates a moment that the family lives with great enthusiasm, we will be delighted to do

of that day a special moment

All our menus include

- Unlimited drinks and wines from the time you sit at the table until dessert, approximately 2 hours (for the duration of the food service)

- Coffee table

- White tablecloth, non-floral centerpiece, table runner and chair bow. Being able to choose the color of the path and the bow of the chair. Cloth napkin not included.

- Sitting plan service. A week before it is necessary that they send us distribution of the tables with the names of the guests in pdf or word. Minutes not included.

- Personalized service for any questions or queries you may have about our services.

- We lend 2 side tables with a white tablecloth for whatever you need.


-Menus will be served to a full table

-Allergens not previously notified (minimum 24 H)

A la carte service will be served with the rates that our Price list marks.

-The service will start, INCLUDING DRINKS,

when the diners are seated at the Table, not including the appetizers served in the Bar or other facilities of the Restaurant

-Advise in the reservation the option to offer fish in the Main Dish

(Minimum 7 days in advance)

-We have menu options for vegetarians, vegans or food allergies

-The menu tests are not included, their realization will have an additional cost


Booking confirmation:
The date reservation and restaurant area
The chosen one implies the signing of a contract and the delivery of € 300
(cash or Visa) (possible less if it is a small group) for
deposit and reservation, which will be deducted from the final amount of the invoice

Guest confirmation:
7 days before the event date
will confirm the number of diners and will deliver up to 50% of the
total amount of the event

Final subscription:
At the end of the event (that same day) full payment will be made
(menus plus extras) in Visa or cash


Salón Cristalera
Cesped Chico Viborilla
Salón Malibu
Salón Malibu
Salón Malibu
Comunion Viborilla
Comunión Bella Bambina
Comunión Cristalera
Comunión Niña Bonita
Comunion Terraza
Comunion Cespedchico
Cespedchico viborilla
Jardin Viborilla
Salon izq Bella Bambina
BB Mesas
salon izq comunión
salon izq comunión 2
Comunion Malibu
Comunión Malibu
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