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Hindu menus, Vegans, etc.

Indian menus

Standard Menu

2 Starters + 2 Mains + Rice + Naan Bread
(1 vegetarian starter + 1 starter)
(2 vegetarian starters)
(1 vegetarian main + 1 main with chicken or 1 side dish) + 1 dessert

Starters, to choose:
  • Vegetarians: Pakoras - Croquettes - Cheese Knots - Vegetarian
  • Tandoori Chicken - Chicken Samosa or Chicken Pakora

Mains: Curry to choose:
  • Vegetable Mix: Curry, Bhuna, Jalfrezi, Balti, Roganjosh, Do-piaza, Madras or Vindaloo
  • Chicken: Curry, Korma, Kadai, Bhuna, Jalfrezi, Balti, Roganjosh, Do-Piaza, Madras, or Vindaloo
  • Garnish : Tarka Dal (Lentils) or Raita (Typical Sauce)
Rice : Pilau, Cooked or Jeera
Naan Bread or Roti

Dessert: Suji Halwa

€*/pax VAT incl.
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