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We will love to accompany you on this trip, we help you from the first day to make your dream wedding come true.

Our ceremonies

Ceremony on our beach:

Includes beach conditioning,
assembly of the altar with white tulle, 30 chairs
as dressed, bridal carpet (red or blue),
celebration table, decoration with torches or palm trees.
Bow with 4 sticks: €620* VAT included.
Bow 3 sticks:
480€* VAT included.


Ceremony in our garden over the sea

or in the Balinese bed on Malibu Beach or 

on the terrace of Niña Bonita 

Includes assembly of the altar (Balinese palapa)
with white tulle, 30 dressed chairs, bridal rug (red or blue) celebration table
Price: €300* VAT included.

*No ceremony includes the officiant or any possible arrangements needed

to make it legal.

**We can help you and customize the altar with floral decoration.
Price to consult

Ceremony officiant:

We can provide you with a ceremony officiant without legal value in both English and Spanish.
Price: €170* VAT included (in Spanish)

Do you want something EXCLUSIVE?


Rectangular with Macrame

and table

- Beach: €610* VAT included.
- Terrace: €430* VAT included


Triangle Tippi

- Beach: €630* VAT included.
- Terrace:
  €450* VAT included.



- Beach: €680* VAT included.
- Terrace:
€500* VAT included.


Hexagonal with Fabric and Flowers

- Beach: €680* VAT included.
- Terrace: €500* VAT included.
Lights: +20€* VAT included.

* All our prices are marked according to markets and may be affected by inflation and product price fluctuations, and rates may vary according to these fluctuations. To do this, ask us for a quote, and once the reservation is made, we will keep the same prices for one year.

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