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Children's birthday

In the Viborilla garden or in the Buganvilla Room

by Bella Bambina

Celebrate your children's birthday with us and we assure you that
they will pass GREAT !!!

We have a children's area where you can have a bouncy castle,
cheerleader, gymkhana, foam party and even mechanical bull.

Everything you need to ensure a perfect birthday for your children!

Look at our list of activities.

You will love it!

For the little ones:

Menu € 7.50

Menu 1 pizza:

margarita or proscciuto pizza

Menu 2 Varied:

Plate with 2 Chicken Nuggets, half a sandwich

or mini pizza and chips

Soft drink or juice (During the meal)




Offer you meet:

Children's menu + pool or hammocks on the beach
15.00 Euros per child **

Hammocks and towels and a play area will be available
* At Bella Bambina children's birthdays will be celebrated only from Monday to Friday
** Children in the pool must be at all times
supervised by an adult

Bouncy castle option from € 50.

For security measures it will be mandatory
contract it with





For Dads and Other Options
Make your menu as you want with our assorted snacks.

Choose the quantities you want.
· Assorted mini pizza (prosciutto, 4 cheeses or tuna): € 1.20 / unit
Assorted Mini Saladitos: € 15.00 / kilo
Varied fleas
(nutella, ham and cheese, pate, salchichón, chorizo, etc):
€ 1.20 / unit
Mini croquettes
(ham, mushrooms, spinach, salmon, etc): € 4.00 / serving 10 units
Choripanes: € 2.50
Mini burger: € 2.50
Mini puppy: € 1.50
Table of nachos and sauces: € 100
Assorted mini cakes: € 6.00 / serving 10 units
Chicken nuggets: € 6.00 / serving 10 units
Chicken tears: € 7.00 / portion 12 units
· Mini Moorish chicken skewers: € 1.20 / unit
Mini Donuts: € 1.00 / unit


Cake: € 20.00 / kilo

(flavors: cream, chocolate, cream, yolk, nougat, strawberries with cream, etc)

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